Fully Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

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fully guided Trophy Whitetail Deer hunts

Fully Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Our fully guided Trophy Whitetail Deer hunts are a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget. If you are looking for that big monster Trophy Whitetail Deer, weve got it. Or how about a big wide typical Whitetail Deer? Weve got it, as well. Maybe you want that big, nasty, non-typical Whitetail Deer, weve got that too. Even that elusive Albino Whitetail Deer, look no further because we have it all at Whitetail Country. We feel we have the biggest and best Whitetail Bucks that the great state of Ohio has to offer. Our high fence hunting preserve has over 300 acres of woods, valleys, streams, caves and big and hearty food plots for our Whitetail Deer to call home.

We start booking our fully guided Whitetail Deer hunts in August. So, if you are a Whitetail Deer hunter whod like to add that Trophy Buck in velvet to your collection, book in August. We book our Whitetail Deer hunts thru the end of December. With our fully guided hunts we offer several ways to enjoy your experience at Whitetail Country. We have buddy tree stands. If you are the Whitetail Deer hunter who loves to hunt from a tree, then thats for you. We have ground blinds which in the colder months have heat and are handicap accessible. Or you can get out into the woods and hunt your trophy whitetail the old fashioned way. Our fully guided Whitetail Deer hunts also offer you your choice of weapon. Whether it be a rifle, shotgun, bow, crossbow or a muzzleloader, the choice is yours.

With your Trophy Whitetail Deer hunt we also provide lodging which is a 3 bed 3 bath hand built log cabin which allows for your privacy after your hunt. And youll also get 3 hearty meals a day. If for some reason you do not get that Trophy Whitetail Buck of your dreams there is no charge except your deposit or we do offer to rebook if you would like to give it another shot. There is no extra charge for a license or permit as this is also included in the pricing.

Whether you are a first time Whitetail Deer hunter or have been hunting Whitetail Deer as long as you can remember, we can make any of your experiences an unforgettable time or make your dreams come true.

Fully Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Fully Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

We are also going to be introducing turkey hunting in the near future as well, so please watch for posts about that.Whitetail Country also has a fishing pond, so if you are not out hunting your Trophy Whitetail, you can try your luck in our stocked fishing pond.

Some of the other things included in your hunt is skinning and capping of your Whitetail Deer on site.
Well also provide you with firearms if needed.

Our Reservation Policy is a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 for any Whitetail Buck under 195 inches and any Whitetail Buck over 195 inches is $1000.00 deposit. If you must cancel your hunt we ask you to do so 30 days prior to your hunt. You could rebook your hunt at a later date and go for that Trophy Whitetail Buck youve been dreaming of. Balance is due upon harvesting of your deer by guaranteed funds.

Please read our Terms and Conditions when you get a chance.

Please note: Processing meat is extra and not offered on site.

We also sponsor hunts for Operation Injured Soldiers (OIS)
Benefit for Kids. Terminally ill children.
Outdoor Adventure Foundation, Terminally ill children and Wounded Warriors

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